Treasures Of The Sultans In Moscow

Moscow’s Kremlin Palace is getting ready to host the treasures of the Ottoman sultans.

The childhood and youth and education, indeed the entire lives of the Ottoman sultans, as well as their opulent treasures have long been an object of curiosity. Now Moscow’s Kremlin Palace is going to satisfy at least some of that curiosity by hosting an exhibition titled ‘Treasures of the Ottoman Sultans’ from May 26th. Featured in the exhibition, which consists of 16th and 17th century artifacts from Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace, are 106 pieces relating to the Ottoman dynasty and palace life, all the way from symbols of the sultanate and personal effects to ceremonial caftans and collections of robes. One of the most remarkable pieces of the exhibition, which includes a writing box encrusted with gold, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, is a portrait of Sultan Bayezid II. Through August 15th.

Treasures of the Ottoman Sultans can be seen at Moscow’s Kremlin Palace from May 26 through August 15. For details: