A Single Concert

One of the greatest Busicians of modern times, Bob Dylan is back in Istanbul after 21 years.

May 31st, the last night of spring that wakes up to the first day of summer. The days are warm, the nights suddenly chilly. A perfect time to turn to the sea and have ‘One more cup of coffee…’ as you hum the song softly under your breath. And a perfect time to listen once again to Bob Dylan, who speaks always of something new - love, injustice, the senselessness of war… The day, today. The city, Istanbul. The place, Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater.

Coming to Istanbul again after a hiatus of 21 years, Bob Dylan is planning to squeeze as many of his classics, old and new, into the evening as possible. Dylan last performed at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater in the summer of 1989. Those who moved on from the rock period to the jazz age will know. Let those who know tell those who don’t…

Bob Dylan has the distinction of being one of the singers about whom the most books have been written. Interviews, biographies, even scholarly studies… But still we will do well to remind readers that Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman in Minnesota in 1941.  Later he took the last name Dylan in tribute to Dylan Thomas, one of his favorite poets. His hippy lifestyle, his persona that changed with the times, his protest stance and revolutionary world view are familiar to all of us. For more, you know the time and place.

Realized with the contributions of Pozitif and Garanti Bank, the Bob Dylan concert is on May 31 at the Harbiye Cemil Topuz Open Air Theater.