13 Pink Floyd Pieces

The ‘Pink Floyd Ballet’ is in Istanbul November 25-28 with dancers from Milan’s La Scala.

A story that began at the end of the sixties with a little girl excitedly showing her father the record album she was holding in her hand was turned into a ballet that played for years to sold out box offices. This is how it happened: At the suggestion of his daughter, who was a Pink Floyd fan, Roland Petit put together a unique show that combined rock classics like ‘Hey You’, ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ and ‘Money’ with solo, duet and group dancing.

Setting sail for England with the intention of presenting his ballet to the group, Petit caught up with them at the end of a concert and outlined his project. Enthusiastically embraced by group, the project was staged for the first time, in conjunction with a live Pink Floyd performance, in the French city of Marseilles in 1972 with suggestions by the group members.

Petit, who combined 13 of the group’s songs with modern dance movements, succeeded in having his ballet staged by the Ballet Company of Milan’s famous La Scala in a performance that lasts 90 minutes. The Pink Floyd Ballet consists of 18 sections using pieces from the albums, ‘The Wall’, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Meddle’, ‘Relics’, ‘Obscured by Clouds’ and ‘Is there Anybody Out There?’