Life Is Long, Film Is Short

Life in its short and feature-length forms is with us again…

The İstanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival started on October 29th. Held this year for the 13th time, the festival includes a total of 68 productions, 20 of them from Turkey. Films from the U.S., Argentina, Iran, Argentina, India, China, Ireland and France will be screened at Muammer Karaca Theater, Tarık Safer Tunaya Culture Center, the İstanbul Goethe Institute and Nazım Hikmet Culture Center.

Among the eagerly awaited productions in the festival, which runs through November 4th, are ‘Herkes Uyurken’ (While Everyone Is Sleeping), the story of middle-aged taxi driver, fievket fiahintaş, who lives and works in the streets of İstanbul and decides to help people out by taking their photographs, in time becoming a well-known photographer, ‘Anka’nın Doğuşu’ (The Birth of the Phoenix), the story of an artist who creates his works out of fragments of shrapnel left from the war in Lebanon, and ‘Neyse Halim Çıksın Falım’ (Coffee Futures), about Turkey’s state of mind during its bumpy progress towards EU membership.