From Scandinavia To Brazil

On jazz, with Magnus Lindgren, a guest of JazzFest Berlin 2010

Istanbul listeners heard Grammy-winner Scandinavian musician Magnus Lindgren at the İKSV’s Salon last July, where he shared the stage with the Volkan Hürsever Trio, which includes Burçin Büke and Volkan Öktem. Now an album has hit the shelves that will amaze all those who were at that concert: ‘Batucada Jazz’.

How did it happen? Going from the Scandinavian jazz tradition to Brazilian music and making a Brazilian album, ‘Batucada Jazz’?
I started playing the saxophone when I was thirteen. Jazz was the music I listened to. In time I got interested in the Brazilian sound and when I went there ten years ago I was so impressed that I decided to learn Portuguese and to play percussion… not really knowing the reason why. I never thought about making an album like this, but then I talked with Mark van den Bergh and Trevor Wyatt and sent them a couple compositions. Long story short: I was persuaded to combine Batucada melodies in a jazz interpretation, and out of that came ‘Batucada Jazz’.

What’s going to happen to Scandinavian jazz?
We have very good schools and very good musicians. The character of Scandinavian jazz is very sound.

Who has been the most profound influence on your music?
I’d say Herbie Hancock. I got a chance to play with him when I was eighteen. It was a powerful experience…