Coming And Going On A Path

Roberto Fonseca, who compares his invention of his own music to coming and going on a path, is in Istanbul in November.

The young Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca has released a recording of the concert he gave in Marciac, France, on August 13, 2009. The album, entitled ‘Live in Marciac’, will be available in Turkey in early November. And so will the pianist… in a concert at Babylon on November 4th.

You achieved fame on the piano but drums are also part of your life. How does playing percussion influence your piano playing?
I love all the drums and percussion instruments. They have high energy. Sometimes I try to imitate that sound on the piano. In other words, there is a lot of interaction.

After being trained in American jazz, how did you decide on fusion in your own music?
Improvisation is a point of reference for everybody who loves jazz. In other words, musicians all over the world come together one way or another in improvisation. I too combined the music I learned in school with the music I had heard up to that time.

How did you come up with your own authentic music while you were growing up listening to the music of so many different cultures?
In my youth I was seeking a style that would reflect the depths of my soul. This quest was a path on which I came and went between myself and my new discoveries on the one hand and the new styles in music on the other. The important thing here was what I really wanted to express and how I expected the world to perceive me… When you discover that, the rest comes automatically.