Soner Sarıkabadayı's Mersin

Soner Sarıkabadayı has left a mark on the music scene in Turkey with his compositions and interpretations. We asked the singer about Mersin, where he grew up.

Is your childhood town of Mersin an inspiration to you as you compose your songs and lyrics?
Yes, all the time. When I go to see my family in Mersin and arrive in front of their apartment building, a personal space asserts itself, a place that belongs entirely to me and is not associated with any commercial enterprise. Mersin is a place where I feel very energetic. For me it is a nest where I can feel and hear myself and where all obstacles and interference with my inner self are eliminated.

What would you recommend to people going to Mersin?
Before you go you should certainly try to inform yourself a little about the city. It’s not a small place, and there are many interesting spots to see and explore. It is useful to read up on the historical, cultural and natural sites and make a plan.

What are your thoughts about Mersin cuisine?
Nothing you eat in Mersin is by chance. Food is carefully selected and presented in Mersin. What is going to be eaten for dinner is discussed at lunch! Mersin is one of those places in the world where palatal delights and tastes rule supreme. The people of Çukurova are familiar with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and with the wild thyme of the Taurus mountains. They know when everything is at its best. I would recommend to anyone going there that they try the excellent local dishes. They should also see the very beautiful and unique historical sites.

What is the best time to go and what are the must-see places?
You can go there any time of year in my opinion. As for mustsee places, I would recommend the museums of Mersin and Tarsus, the Tarsus waterfall, the Maiden’s Castle, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, the Heaven and Hell caves at Silifke, the Taurus mountains and the village markets.