Deciphering The Codes Of The Past

The Odyssey is one of the oldest homecoming stories in the history of literature.

On his way home from war, Odysseus (Ulysses) endures numerous ordeals before being reunited with his loved ones. The ‘homecoming’ theme has been a source of inspiration to both art and life ever since. And ‘NostosPassword Art Festival’ is just one of its modern manifestations.

Fransız Sokak Culture Center is the venue for the festival, which will take place October 26-31 with the participation of Greek and Turkish artists. Dimitris Vogdanis-Danis is curator of the event, which will run from early morning late into the night for six days. “Art lovers will enjoy a new mystical experience every day,” says Vogdanis-Danis, who invites everyone to return to his past, confront his memories and escape the ordinary.

More than 30 artists are taking part in the festival, which features painting, sculpture, pottery and photography exhibitions as well as dance, theater, concerts and other performances.