The Dance Of Being İstanbulite

A cosmopolitan atmosphere will permeate the city during iDANS, taking place this year for the 4th time.

Bringing audiences a new theme every year, the Istanbul International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival (iDANS) is focusing this year on ‘cosmopolitanism’. The festival, which promotes universal values with emphasis on topics such as mutual understanding, living together and multiculturalism, says, “We too are Istanbullu,” stressing that all living things in Istanbul are part and parcel of the city.

Unexpected performances are going to surprise us in unexpected places during the festival, which offers artists a unique opportunity to confront the ‘selves’ that they encounter as ‘the other’. Expected to attract wide participation, a number of entertaining street workshops will move around the city throughout the month of October, producing small animal puppets (cats, dogs, bird, fish, seagulls).  Meanwhile parades and street shows with giant puppets on mobile platforms will also create a magical atmosphere in the city.