Better City, Better Life

Promoting better cities and better lives, World Expo 2010, held in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

The world expositions held every five years are a focus of intense interest as cultural and architectural implementations on a global scale. What distinguishes expos from fairs, is that absolutely no products are promoted or sold. Instead, Expos are occasions for showcasing new ideas, cultural concepts and projects for the future of the world. The fact that expos are non-commercial undertakings that regard educational aims and cultural events as their major area of activity is of great significance for relations between humans and the environment in which we live.


Built 4,500 years before the pyramids of Egypt, some of the oldest monumental structures ever erected by man, Çatalhöyük is the oldest orderly human settlement in the world. And it is leaving visitors awestruck in the first section of the Turkey Pavilion. Taking as its point of departure the fact that Expo 2010 is being held in China to the end of October, the Silk Road - Anatolia connection also features prominently at the Turkey Pavilion, depicted in the form of rays of light reminiscent of colorful silk threads transformed into a traditional Ottoman caftan.

Meanwhile, in the last section of the exhibition area, space is given to striking details of the sustainable developments achieved in fundamental aspects of social life, such as the development of urbanization, education, health, transport and infrastructure, in modern Turkey since the founding of the Republic.