The Hulda Is Coming To Istanbul

The boat, M/S Hulda, on which sculptor İlhan Koman spent 28 years of life, will be in Istanbul in September.

The boat, M/S Hulda, on which sculptor İlhan Koman (1921-1986) lived and worked from 1965, set sail from Stockholm in April 2009 to preserve the artist’s memory. After wintering in Barcelona, the boat, on which Koman spent 28 years of his life, lifted anchor in March, docking in turn at Naples, Valletta and Salonica. Due to reach Istanbul on September 21st, it mounts two basic events under the name ‘Hulda Festival’ in every city it visits: one an exhibition of Koman’s scientific works, the other a series of workshop projects aimed at young people.

The ‘Hulda’, which Koman bought in 1965 to live on, is a sailing cargo vessel built in Sweden in 1905. A cultural heritage, the ship’s name has never been changed. Koman, who complained of having to spend half his time maintaining the boat, produced all his best wood sculptures on it. Those sculptures are now among the works exhibited on the ship. After reaching Istanbul, ‘M/S Hulda’ will remain in Turkey as a center of art, culture, science and education.