İstanbul Books

Although it’s been discovered countless times, when it’s a question of Istanbul you always come across something you didn’t know, especially in books…


Avenues for Exploration
‘Istanbul Keşif Rotası’ (Istanbul Exploration Routes) consists of short texts describing the many places worth seeing in the city. The book, a surprise not only to those unfamiliar with the city but even to long-time residents, features 166 sights indicated on maps, photographed and captured in brief but pithy descriptions.


Istanbul Memory
Istanbul has been the setting for other novels by Ahmet Ümit, but his ‘Istanbul Memory’ (İstanbul Hatırası’) has a special place. Again Commissioner Nevzat, again a crime… This book promises much to those eager to discover the city in the footsteps of a detective. Book tours are already being arranged. You heard it here...


The Italian writer Edmondo de Amicis came to Istanbul in the 19th century. The Abode of Felicity made a deep impression on the writer, who penned a pleasant book of travels. Amicis’ ‘Istanbul’ is important not only for its indomitable enthusiasm but also for documenting what he saw. And the book’s many lovely engravings are the icing on the cake.


If you’re interested in the textile arts, visit the Nakkaş Art Gallery in Sultanahmet between September 2 and 30. The works of Prof. Hanns Herpich and his students at the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts are on display in an exhibition entitled, 
Two Generations
of  Textile Art’.

The National Youth Orchestra, made up of students selected from Turkey’s leading conservatories under the baton of Cem Mansur, will be sharing the stage with Italian soloist Salvatore Accardo at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall the evening of September 6th.

The Photography Gallery of Istanbul Modern is hosting Murat Germen’s exhibition, ‘Yol’ (Way), through September 19th. Curated by Engin Özendes, the exhibition invites the viewer to ponder the different meanings of ‘the way’ in many areas of life. Inscriptions throughout the exhibition space suggesting that the way is a choice, an attitude, an expectation, diversity, a beginning, a solution, learning, a pioneer, an escape, a game, a coincidence, a cause, an experience, a process, hope and a mystery and that it can surprise or spook, all contribute to furthering the artist’s purpose.

Project 4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is opening new exhibitions on September 16th. There are two shows at the venue: One, the works of young Italian artist Giovanni Ozzola; the other consisting of works by three young Turkish artists, Elif Süsler, Volkan Arslan and Deniz Üster.

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is hosting an extremely comprehensive exhibition, ‘The Quran in the Year 1400’, starting from September 5th. Displayed are Holy Qurans and Quranic fragments from the museum’s Calligraphy and Manuscript Section.

The biennial congress organized by the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) is being held for the first time in Istanbul, at the Sabancı Center September 20-24. The 23rd IIC Congress is focusing on ‘The Conservation of Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean’.

Combining rock infrastructure with elements of soul and jazz, the English group Tindersticks will be at Babylon two consecutive nights, September 20 and 21. Founded in Nottingham in 1991, Tindersticks takes it name from a matchbox found by chance on a beach in Greece.

The grave chamber of the Tatarlı Tumulus, one of the most significant specimens of ancient painting on wood, is at the Yapı Kredi Vedat Tör Museum. September 26th is the last day for viewing this work, which offers important information about the lives of the people who lived in Anatolia in the 5th century B.C.

Organized this year for the third time by the Lokomotif Society of Art and Culture in Moda, the Burunda Art Festival starts on September 24th.

One of the world’s favorite shows, ‘Disney On Ice - The Disneyland Adventure’ is starting its European tour from Istanbul. The show, which will bring children and their families together at the Abdi İpekçi Arena September 29 to October 10, will continue in Ankara and İzmir.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Matériel Exhibition, the second of which is being held this year, can be visited at the Ankara Chamber of Industry 1st Organized Industrial Zone, October 1-10. The Ankara Industry Fair (ANSAF’10) will take place at the same venue October 1-5.