We’re Going To The Sun!

Ataturk’s gift to the Children Of The World, sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23rd is an opportunity to fly to the world’s sunny climes. Here are five ideas that will make you and your children forget winter.

Tanzania’s ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar is a narrow strip of land on a north-south axis. As you proceed to the south of the island along the main jungle-lined road, you may encounter exotic animals and discover other surprises on paths through depths of virgin forest. Zanzibar, which harbors within it all the beauty of Africa, is waiting for you to leave everything

South Africa’s safari region, Kruger Park is one of the world’s leading wildlife areas. Specially designed vehicles take tourists around the approximately 2,000-kilometer network of roads in this park on the border with Mozambique.

The region, which was taken under protection in the early 19th century to preserve the natural life there, was declared a national park in 1926.  One of the richest regions on earth in terms of habitat diversity, Kruger boasts first class safari camps.

Bali is a pleasure island that will spoil you body and soul with its endless summer. The best beaches are at the south of the island, Indonesia’s tourism paradise. Shaded by palms, these long beaches attract surfers as well with their ocean waves.

With its resort villages where you can escape into nature, its aromatherapy and massage sessions, its exotic temples, and its local dances and works of art, Bali is a Children’s Day break treat the kids can’t refuse.

Located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in southern Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh is the perfect destination for delving under the water into another world. The diving centers on the shores of the Red Sea have come into favor of late. And the Ras Muhammad coral reef is teeming with colorful fish of every species thanks to large quantities of plankton: giant barracudas, parrot fish and many more…

Those not into diving can view the sea floor from glass-bottomed boats. Sharm El-Sheikh is replete with five-star hotels, and its market is a riot of color.

The island of Borneo, where temperatures range around 28 degrees in April, lies east of Malaysia. This exotic island boasts extraordinarily rich wildlife thanks to its ecological-wonder rain forests.

Known as the roof of Borneo, the 4,101-meter Mt. Kinabalu rises from the middle of a 750-square-kilometer nature park. Included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the mountain tops the agenda for nature walk enthusiasts.

What would you say to an unforgettable adventure in the Sinai Desert? A tour by four-wheel ATM motorcycle from nearby Sharm El-Sheikh takes around four hours. Led by a guide, the tour includes a visit to a former Bedouin settlement and a stop for tea in the desert.

Another surprise on the tour is a stop at the historic Saint Catherine’s Monastery. Those not enamored of moto-safaris can make the same tour by camel.