A Lovely Day In London

If you happen to be in london in april, be sure to set aside a day for these exhibitions!

Surreal Miró!  
After the Yamamoto show you can take a look at the Joan Miró exhibition at Tate Modern. In this, London’s biggest show in 50 years focusing on Miró, the most renowned of the Surrealist painters, you can see 150 works including paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints that shed light on the history of Europe. April 14 through September 2011.

If you go to London this month, you’re sure to encounter rain and drear. And one of the nicest things you can do on a rainy day is visit some of the exhibitions in this world culture capital.

If fashion is your passion, and you regard it not just as clothing design but as a mode of cultural transmission (or even if you’re only inclined to think this way), stop in at the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where you can see 60 designs made by one of the most influential fashion figures of the eighties.

The exhibition, in which the designer literally plays with the fabrics, also celebrates the thirty years since Yamamoto’s first fashion show in Paris through satellite shows around the city.