The Man Of La Mancha Musical

The istanbul state opera and ballet is staging the musical version of the man of la mancha, based on don quixote and its author, cervantes.

The work is being staged by Murat Göksu, who also plays the role of Don Quixote/Cervantes, which he shares alternately with Suat Arıkan. Murat Kodallı is conductor of the orchestra for the production, which also stars Ruhsar Öcal, Şebnem Usanmaz, Çağrı Köktekin, Yücel Özeke, Can Reha Gün and Ali Murat Erengül in major roles.

Couched in the form of a theater play featuring the imprisoned Miguel de Cervantes, his manservant and his fellow prisoners as characters, The Man of La Mancha tells the story of Alonso Quijana (Cervantes in disguise), an old man, who, his belief in eternal justice unshaken, has decided to live his life as a knight-errant.

The play, enacted by Cervantes and his manservant to defend his property and the manuscript of his novel in particular, deeply touches the prisoners, thereby saving the precious manuscript from destruction, and brings the story up to our day.

One of Shakespeare’s timeless and universal plays, Othello is being staged at the Süreyya Opera in Kadıköy on April 29th to the music of Giuseppe Verdi and Michael Galasso.

What’s more, it’s not the usual opera but a ballet version. As for the familiar story, it goes like this: Due to ethnic differences, Othello, a Moor, feels ostracized from society despite being a successful captain and makes life unbearable for both himself and his wife, Desdemona. Alienation is another theme of the story, which revolves around passion, love and jealousy.