Not Easy: Life In The City

How is a person to cope with the difficulties of life in the world’s giant metropolises?

Held in Milan in April, Salone del Mobile brings together designers and design buffs from around the world. And the Public Design Festival, held for the first time last year, stirs this crowd to think outside the box through the installations erected in its public areas. 

The purpose is clear: How can we make human life more fun, comfortable, functional and pleasant in cities where millions of people live cheek by jowl and life is getting more difficult by the day?

In its third year, the Public Design Festival again aims to change awareness of public living by re-presenting the small streets, street corners and tiny squares we pass every day through designs, alternative urban furniture, artists’ conceptions, and designers’ installations in different parts of the city.

An Italian artist famous for his human portraits painted on canvas using fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books, Milan’s Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) will be spending some time in his native city after Vienna and Washington.

Arguably one of the most fascinating artists of all time, Arcimboldo’s portrait heads, culled from cities around the world, will be on exhibit at the Palazzo Reale on Piazza del Duomo till May 22nd.