Shopping Fest Full Speed Ahead!

Scheduled to run till april 26th, the istanbul shopping fest has no end of surprises.

One of the biggest surprises of the Istanbul Shopping Fest, which is expected to welcome millions of shoppers for 40 days and 40 nights, is the Store Window Design Competition.

Located at strategic spots around the city, the store windows aim to turn Istanbul into a work of art. The contest itself is meant to explain Istanbul to the world. The three top designs will be chosen by popular vote in the competition, and one lucky voting shopper will win an apartment from Sinpaş in a prize draw.

Istanbul-based designs will compete in the giant store windows, available for use by brand names for a fee, on many of the city’s streets and squares in this contest centered around the theme of Istanbul.The store window designed by Hakan Yıldırım.

World-renowned Turkish designer Hakan Yıldırım has designed a store window explaining the festival, which will be on display at Kanyon Shopping Center. A participant in numerous fashion weeks around the world, Yıldırım, who emphasizes the importance of design in Turkish brands, has realized his dream design for the Istanbul Shopping Fest.