Dakar, For An Adrenaline High

The Legendary Paris - Dakar Rally Loves South America!

After years of geopolitical wrangling between Africa and Europe, the Paris-Dakar Rally, one of the world’s most famous motorcycle races, finally moved to South America. And while most of the drivers who have been racing now for three years on the new continent say that the route is more difficult, they certainly aren’t complaining.

The race, which will run from the first day of the new year through January 16, will go through Argentina and Chile in this, its 33rd year. The drivers, who will be navigating through some of the world’s most difficult regions, will encounter both dense jungle and vast deserts in the Dakar Rally, in which the degree of difficulty and even the driving can change radically in just 100 kilometers. A new assessment of the race’s carbon footprint is also going to be made this year.

Turkey too is sending a team to the Dakar Rally, in which merely taking part is no less grueling than competing. The team, Kutlu Torunlar and Kemal Merkit, raced in South America in 2010 as well.