A Winter’s Tale In The Alps

The French Alps, Hansel and Gretel’s village… Here’s the latest from Europe’s most popular ski centers.

An activity known as Skikjöring, in which you are pulled across the ice by horses with skis on your feet, looks like being this year’s talk of the town. Along with being dropped by helicopter at inaccessible spots in the mountains to ski...

Courchevel has supreme confidence in its ice hockey and ice skating rinks and its night sledding runs. Famed for its health and fitness centers, the hotel spas in the old city of Brides-les-Bains are all ready for the season.

The world-famous Hahnenkamm Races, to be held January 21-23, enhance the appeal of Kitzbühel, where hikes, with accommodation, to mountain villages are expected to attract the interest of Heidi nostalgia seekers.

Cortina is the spot for la dolce vita in the Italian Alps this winter. This center, which boasts a special recreational park for snowboarding, is more attractive than ever this year for those who want to learn to ski. Zero-risk instruction, a selection of scenic pistes, and child-care services for families with children are just some of the services on offer. The shopping choices on the Corso at the city center are richer than ever.

The secret to success at winter sports is dressing for the weather.Wearing multiple layers of fabrics that breathe is advisable if you don’t want to sweat while exerting yourself.