Barbun Time

An album and two concerts for those eager to experIence a unique experiment In jazz fusion…

The backbone since 2001 of the Yeni Türkü group, which has left its stamp on the last 30 years in Turkey, Serdar Barçın is going to be at Hayal Kahvesi on January 11th and Nardis Jazz Club on January 25th.  One of the most brilliant figures on the Turkish jazz scene in recent years, flutist and saxophonist Barçın is giving two concerts back to back to promote his album, Barbun.
Barçın’s first solo album, Barbun features Fırtına (Storm) sung by Yeni Türkü soloist Derya Köroğlu, Sobalarında Kuru da Meşe Yanıyor with guest Önder Focan, one of the deans of Turkish jazz, and Lay Lay with Engin Recepoğulları, an up-and-coming saxophonist of the younger generation.
Neşet Ertaş is going to perform at İş Sanat the evening of January 15th. Synonymous with folk music and the ‘bağlama’ for forty years now, Ertaş is a household name in Turkey. He takes his musical heritage from his father Muharrem Ertaş, the eminence grise and greatest representative ever of Turkey’s Central Anatolian Turkmen/Abdal minstrel tradition. Born in Kırşehir in 1938, Ertaş has been playing the bağlama and singing Turkish folk songs all his life.
               Istanbul’s Topbaş is UCLG Chairman
Istanbul MetropolItan Mayor Kadir Topbaş was elected World ChaIrman of UnIted CItIes and Local Governments (UCLG), whIch represents more than half the world’s populatIon, at the organIzatIon’s recent 3rd InternatIonal conventIon In MexIco CIty.
UCLG’s six regional organizations and some European cities lent their support to Topbaş, the Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul, who was the Eurasian Regional Organization’s unanimous candidate for the chairmanship. Topbaş entered the race as the sole candidate, becoming UCLG Chairman by a unanimous vote of the delegates at the World Council.
In his first announcement after being elected, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said: “Istanbul is a city whose name has been mentioned frequently in the international arena of late. The distance the city has covered is attracting worldwide attention. We saw this clearly in the elections for chairman at Mexico City.” He added: “The world is envious of the success we have achieved with the support of the people of Istanbul. UCLG represents more than half the world’s population at present. But it has grown so fast in the last six years that I believe it could soon represent the whole world. It is in a very influential position.”
Headquartered in Barcelona, United Cities and Local Governments has as its mission: To be the united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government, promoting its values, objectives and interests, through cooperation between local governments, and within the wider international community. The World Council, which is made up of 341 member governments, currently represents more than half the world’s population.
Attentıon >
Among the festival’s eagerly awaited offerings is Vibeke Løkkberg’s documentary, Tears of Gaza. Made up of works by local photographers in Gaza, it fits right in with the festival’s theme, “presence”.
The King’s Speech.
Poster of the festival by Lars Lerin.
Black Swan.
ThIs year’s InternatIonal Göteborg FIlm FestIval has a thought-provokIng theme: ‘Presence’.
“The word ‘presence’ has a broad meaning in our digital age,” says festival director Marit Kapla. Nowadays when so much of our communication with other people is on line, what does it actually mean to be present in a place bodily? Is bodily presence gradually becoming a luxury for us? Pointing out that we are in a period of films shot on sets where no people are actually present, Kapla explains the fascinating theme of the festival’s 34th year. Black Swan, The King’s Speech, 127 Hours and many more films are featured in the festival, to take place in Göteborg between January 28th and February 7th.