World Tour In Five Questions


This London museum, which started out in 1753 with a small handicrafts exhibition, boasts one of the most extensive collections in the world today. And the Great Court that was added to it in 2000 is one of the largest covered public squares in Europe. Do you know the name of this famous museum?

A sea in antiquity, Lake Bafa was transformed over time into a lake. A stopover point for water birds, the rocky slopes along its shores are home to some of the oldest examples of rock paintings in history. The paintings at Karadere Cave, about an hour’s hike from the village of Kapıkırı, are known as The Dancers of Latmos. In which township are these approximately 8,500-year-old paintings?

What is the name of the U.S. city perched on a peninsula, once Mexican territory, that protrudes like the barrel of a gun into the water on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean?

Which Tuscan city, famous for its medieval-inspired equestrian shows in July and August, is where Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, who directed films like The Last Emperor and The Sheltering Sky, shot his Stealing Beauty?

What is the city described by Kâtip Çelebi in the 17th century as “A famous and magnificent settlement on the Black Sea coast directly opposite Kefe,” and also believed to be the home of the Amazon women?

1 British Museum, 2 Milas, 3 Los Angeles, 4 Siena, 5 Samsun