Istanbul’s Fifth Bridge

If You’re Wondering When A Fifth Bridge Is Going To Be Built In Istanbul Or About Eating Trends In The City, Just Stop By Salt Beyoğlu By The End Of December.

 SALT Beyoğlu’s very comprehensive exhibition, Iştanbullaşmak (Becoming Istanbul), is seeking to answer visitors’ questions about the city. With a conceptual framework by Pelin Derviş, Bülent Tanju and Uğur Tanyeli, the exhibition consists of an interactive database with some 400 media entries from numerous personal and private archives.

Accessible at database, the database includes news clips, documentary films, comics, architectural projects, photo series and artists’ videos produced between 1999 and 2011. The exhibition includes two auxiliary features that also seek answers to questions about Istanbul. At the one called 90, participants can engage in debate in the form of talks, tours, presentations and performances.  The other auxiliary feature is Construction Phase: Beyoğlu, in which the urban transformation projects planned for the district are discussed through a city planning game.

SALT is getting ready to mount an exhibition in collaboration with London’s Tate Modern. The exhibition, which will focus on existing works by artists whose careers are in their ascendancy, will be held at the Tate Modern Level 2 Gallery November 4 through 9 January. The project’s Istanbul leg will come to art lovers in spring 2012.

For more information about this exhibition through December 31 :