Art in The Last 21 Years of a 400-Year Relationship

Saltvanabbe: Post ‘89 is an exhibition that takes a look developments in contemporary art in the last 21 years. And it’s on now at Salt in Galata.

On the 400th anniversary of relations between Turkey and Holland, SALT has launched Istanbul Eindoven - SALTVanAbbe, a series of events and exhibitions mounted in cooperation with Holland’s VanAbbeMuseum of modern art in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The first exhibition in the series, SaltVanAbbe: Post ’89, opened on January 27. Speaking at the opening, SALT and VanAbbeMuseum directors Vasıf Kortun and Charles Esche emphasized the importance of cultural exchanges both between the two countries and between the two institutions.

Kortun drew attention to the works of Turkish artists in the VanAbbeMuseum’s collection while Esche stressed the importance of the Eindoven Istanbul exhibition held in 2005 for the Turkish artists joining the museum’s collection. The current exhibition brings together works of Turkish artists with works in the VanAbbeMuseum collection that were produced after 1989. The exhibition of more than 40 works by 15 artists can be seen through April 6.

Who is Holland?
Some of the Turkish artists whose works are in the VanAbbeMuseum are Hüseyin Alptekin, Aydan Murtezaoğlu, Gülsün Karamustafa and Ahmet Öğüt.