A Turk Wrote That Tune!

You watch a commercial on tv or in the cinema. Behind that hair-raising scene there is music. Take out the music and even the most terrifying scene goes flat, the most compelling commercial leaves you cold.

Nobody knows, or can explain, better the importance of music in a production than Rahman Altın. The sound and music that has moved you in many films and commercials you’ve seen up to now are down to this man, who shuttles back and forth between Istanbul and Los Angeles. And we wanted to tell you about him.

Recipient of the coveted ‘Extraordinary Ability Green Card’, awarded by the U.S. to only a handful of international artists, Rahman Altın is a big Star Wars fan. The score he composed for The Dark Knight Rises, which will be released later this year, caught the attention of George Lukas, who bought it to use in Blu-Ray DVD trailers for the series. Altın describes his feelings about the project as follows: “This project has a very, very special place for me. As you know, I am one of a handful of Star Wars collectors in the world. This project is a great experience for me from every angle.”

We are curious about the qualities, besides sheer talent, that are necessary to be able to make music in Hollywood, so we ask him. “You have to be very quick. You have to be ready and strong at every moment with your entire artistic personality, all your colors, your whole imagination. You have to be innovative and original. To ‘have it in you’, so to speak.  The music you create has to be inspiring and not like the music of anybody else. You have to be able to perform flawlessly under stress. You have to be able to make the traditional Hollywood producers happy by producing the best examples of their own culture without artistic idiosyncrasies of your own.”

Rahman Altın this year is also enjoying the excitement of releasing simultaneously in the U.S. and Turkey an album he’s been working on for several years. We can only wish him further success in his future endeavors.

Who is Rahman Altın
Opera singer, composer and producer Rahman Altın has written some 5,000 compositions  for television, film, commercials and live performances since 1994, works that have won him many awards both in Turkey and abroad. Among his international accolades are three prizes in 2007 for ‘Best Film Music’ for ‘Waiting For Heaven’. Altın composed upwards of a thousand jingles for various international advertising agencies between 2001 and 2008. He has also produced musical corporate identities for several international brands.

Star Wars Innovations 
Naturally, the new Star Wars trilogy due to be released in 2017 came up during our conversation. Declaring that he is definitely going to follow the new trilogy, Altın was generous with praise for the series. “Star Wars is a masterpiece that changed the film industry in every way,” said Altın, emphasizing that those changes paved the way for symphonic music to be used in science fiction films. Among the other innovations cited by Altın are the use of models and miniatures in the films, and of computer-programmed camera movement for the first time with the resulting ease of shooting even the most complicated scenes, which made cinema history, not to mention the multimillion dollar Star Wars merchandise industry created in the last 30 years.