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Photography With A Professional Camera Is Something Else Altogether. But Pro Cameras Are Not The Only Way To Get Great Shots.

Many of the features you need for successful photographs are right there on your mobile phone. All you need to do is get to know it better. DON’T SKIP THE BASICS Steps that may at first appear unimportant are what affect your photographs most of all. While setting up a shortcut for the camera function may play a critical role in capturing the moment, taking time to clean your lens can make a big difference. Since cell phone cameras cannot distinguish between background and objects in the foreground, choose an uncluttered background as far as possible. GET SUPPORT FROM APPLICATIONS When it comes to photography applications, there’s no such thing as “too many”. Don’t hesitate to use several photo apps simultaneously. That way, besides a large number of filter alternatives, many features from image fixing to a variety of light settings will be available if you need them. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: ACCESSORIES When you’ve finally been persuaded to take photos with your cell phone, the time has come to bring accessories into play. Digital zooming significantly lowers image quality and is usually not recommended. This is where lenses can help. Dozens of different brands of lenses as well as tripods and holders will take your photographing experience up a notch.