Turkey In Comics

An Exhibition At The French Culture Center Represents Turkey Through The Eyes Of French And Belgian Comic Book Artists.

The French Culture Center in Istanbul has been hosting an interesting exhibition since May. Titled A Sidelong Glance at French-Belgian and Turkish Comics, the exhibition consists of around 40 drawings taken from French and Belgian comic books depicting Turkey and Turks. Curated by Sabine Bachmann and mounted as part of the 2nd International Istanbul Comics Festival, the exhibition is awaiting visitors at the French Culture Center to the end of this month. CEM ÖZDURU IN ANGOULÊME The comics museum in the French city of Angoulême has added the work of a Turkish artist to its inventory for the first time. During the Angoulême Comics Festival, the short zombie stories the 24-year-old artist collected under the title, Zombistan, attracted the attention of museum officials, who purchased them for exhibition at the museum. Cem Özüduru is now working on his second book, Şafak Ayazı (Dawn Frost).