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Hub Of Southeast Anatolia, Gaziantep Is A Wonderland That Has Captured, Indeed Is Surpassing, The Present.

DEEP IN ANTEP CASTLE Beginning your tour of Gaziantep from the castle area is a good way to get to know the city. This castle bore close witness to the struggles of the medieval conquerors, so it’s also the best place for getting acquainted with old Antep. With its historic Antep houses that preserve the texture of the past, and the small mosques and khans reflecting the local architecture, the castle area is a virtual open-air museum. The centuries-old buildings large and small scattered around it have been given a thorough makeover and now greet the present with a smile following successful repairs and restoration. A CITY BRIMMING OVER A rapidly developing metropolis, Gaziantep boasts a richness to meet all the needs of today’s urban person. With its broad avenues, bazaars and shopping centers offering the world’s reputable brands, it presents a glittering and bustling world every hour of the day. NATURE AT YOUR ELBOW Together with all its development, Gaziantep also constitutes an impressive natural basin. Amidst the natural beauty that fairly leaps out here are the highlands. Many tours are organized for weekend hikes in these highlands enriched by endemic plant species. Huzurlu and Sofdağı are two local highlands you may enjoy exploring. MUSEUM CITY A cliché now for Anatolia, the epithet “crossroads of civilizations” is spot-on for Gaziantep. Zeugma is the best-known site in this region, which is home to so many ancient cities. Opened not long ago, its Mosaic Museum will take you on a splendid journey of discovery of magnificent mosaics, each one more beautiful than the last. With its underground fountains (kastel) that stand out as impressive examples of water architecture, as well as its historic mosques and other spiritual venues, Gaziantep exhibits different cultural riches at every turn. Yesemek Sculpture Workshop going back to the Hittites and Gaziantep Archaeological Museum provide visitors with comprehensive information about the region’s history. TRANSPORTATION Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Gaziantep-Istanbul flights daily. For more information: MUST-SEE’S Zincirli Bedesten Market, the Coppersmiths’ Market, and Tütün (Tobacco) Khan are some of the authentic venues you can tour in the city. LAND OF LEGENDARY TASTES Antep cuisine occupies a special place among the cuisines of Anatolia. Distilled from the city’s thousands of years of cultural accretion, this gastronomic richness is impressive in the extreme. Antep kebabs and meat dishes, for example, surpass all others. And the region’s legendary baklava and other desserts are the crowning glory of this cuisine which boasts a diverse array of indigenous herbs, mushrooms and vegetables.