What You Didn’t Know About The Ottoman Harem

The Imperial Harem Exhibition In The Privy Stables Exhibition Hall In The 2nd Courtyard Of Topkapi Palace Is Opening On June 13 With The Participation Of Culture And Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay.

The Ottoman Imperial Harem has been a focus of interest and curiosity among non-Ottomans down the centuries. The concept of the harem in Eastern cultures has also been reflected in paintings and engravings by European artists. If nothing else, these works, almost none of which reflect reality, constitute clear proof of the West’s fascination with the harem. Now the Imperial Harem Exhibition with its display of objects from the harem and informative texts about it offers an unparalleled opportunity for both Turks and foreign tourists to learn about this intriguing institution. Ceremonial Caftan Ottoman, 17th century Silk (satin brocade) and cotton textile. Jeweled Chess Set Ottoman, 16th century Gold, turquoise, ruby. Harem Carriage Used most recently for transporting the Puşade-i Saadet (Kaaba Cover). Wheel and spring design manufactured by G. Deronte of Turin, Italy. (18th century.) FOR MORE INFO A series of seminars will take place in September in conjunction with the exhibition, which runs until October 15: September 4: Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy / Splendor and Victory: Wearing Apparel in the Harem. September 11: Prof. Dr. Gül İpekoğlu / The Harem and Jewelry. September 18: Dr. Deniz Esemenli / Harem Architecture as the Architecture of a Complex Whole. September 25: Dr. Mehmet Kalpaklı / The Harem as a Palace Culture Center.