Sights And Sounds Of Havana

Cuba Is A Country That Has Succeeded In Preserving The Qualities That Make It Different By Transforming Each Of Its Disadvantages Into An Advantage. And Now There Is A Book That Focuses On Its Capital, ‘Definitely One Day: Havana’.

Levent Özçelik came back from his long Havana adventure with a book full of photographs. But there’s one thing we must warn you about this book. It’s not just the Havana of the travel guides that is reflected in this photographer’s shots. “Definitely One Day: Havana” brings readers closer to this Latin American city through its music and back streets, in short, in all its many colors. And the human faces that appear in almost every photograph are inspiring in a different way with the stories they convey without any need for words. You will understand right away how the ‘magical realism’ used to describe the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in Havana. But a word of caution. You may suddenly find yourself packing your bag as you look at Levent Özçelik’s photographs! A TASTE OF the BOOK “Cities have faces, or people that remind us of those cities and being in them… Havana is like that too. The voice of one, the writings of another, somebody’s photos - these are what really make Havana Havana. And much of the time Havana is hiding behind those faces.”