A City That Makes People Happy Aalborg

One Of Denmark’s Four Big Cities, Aalborg Has Something To Appeal To Everyone.

One of northern Europe’s oldest port cities, Aalborg is an art and university town today. Sister-city of Bodrum, Aalborg’s famous Jomfru Ane Gade is the city’s most bustling thoroughfare. You can catch your breath in the cafes by day and sample Aalborg’s tasty cuisine in the restaurants by evening at this spot known to the natives as ‘Gaden’ (the avenue). You also have an opportunity to make the acquaintance of several monuments from the Middle Ages here. The 16th century Aalburghus Castle and the old houses that surround it create a picture you can’t get enough of. Hellingandklostret (Holy Spirit Monastery) has been carefully preserved since the first half of the 15th century. Budolfi Cathedral, built in the 1400’s, and the Jens Bang House, a typical example of Renaissance architecture, are among the city’s sights worth seeing. Utzon Art and Culture Center, which opened its doors in 2008, will attract your attention for its extraordinary architecture on the waterfront. Its two large central exhibition halls are illuminated by natural light. After you have soaked up the art and architecture at Utzon, you can relax in its marvelous garden. To take a break from history and savor the taste of nature, you can go to Lille Vildmose with its rich plant cover and diversity of species. What’s more, you can also find accommodation here, either in the tiny houses or at the camping area. Another attractıon is Aalborg Zoological Garden, home to upwards of a thousand animals. The proximity to the city of this zoo, where you can see a whole range of species from African giraffes to polar bears, and its accessibility by public transport are a big plus. Bear in mind, too, that Aalborg also hosts the biggest carnival in Scandinavia. Held every year at the end of May, Aalborg Carnival is a vibrant scene of concerts and other events. Not only that, Aalborg is also a city of museums. Kunsten Modern Art Museum with its works by 20th century artists is as interesting for its architecture as for the contents of its exhibition. And Aalborg Tower right next door is another venue you can tour. Meanwhile, if you want to get to know the more than 1,000-year-old past of this region, you can pay a visit to Aalborg History Museum. THE VIKING LEGACY You will see graves in the form of ships at Lindholm Høje (Hills), where Viking burial places have been brought to the light of day. Scandinavia’s best-preserved Viking region, this place is chock-full of clues to the life of the Vikings, who came as far as Byzantium/Istanbul and served the Byzantine Empire as mercenaries. All the objects recovered in the excavations are on display at Lindholm Museum.