‘Music Is My Breath’

Seiran Ismailkhanov Began His Musical Career As A Child In Azerbaijan And Continues It Today In Germany And Turkey As Well As In His Homeland. “Music Is The Air I Breathe,” Says Ismaikkhanov, So Closely Bound Up With Music Is His Life.

Born in the Azeri capital Baku, Seiran Ismailkhanov developed an interest in music as a small child when he joined in the lessons given my his mother, a piano teacher. Paying close attention to what she showed her students, he would go to the piano and improvise during the breaks, playing the melodies he had just head. His mother was Ismailkhanov’s greatest inspiration and support as he embarked on and pursued his musical career. Traveling frequently for his concerts, Seiran Ismailkhanov shuttled between Germany, Azerbaijan and Turkey when recording his album, Angels Without Wings, which was released in Turkey. The artist, who says he wore out the musicians during the recordings with his meticulousness, hastens to express his pleasure with the final result. In Istanbul, it is the city’s historic texture and the Bosphorus that are his favorite aspects of the city. He also has a dream he is very keen to see come true. Seiran Ismailkhanov, who has entered several competitions up to now and come in first, would like to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest. “At Eurovision,” he says, “the audience and the energy are completely different.”