Nermin Yıldırım’s Barcelona

Nermin Yıldırım Is A Writer And Journalist Who Has Won Acclaim For Her New Novel, ‘Dreams Are Not For Telling’. We Asked Her About Barcelona, Where She Lived For Two Years.

How did Barcelona transform your dreams? In my novels, dreams serve as a road map for reality and nights as a road map for the day. It is in that sense that Barcelona has influenced my dreams. It is a tolerant and laid-back city. It drew me in a little and softened my edges. Naturally it also had an effect on my realities and on my dreams. You say that Catalan culture has miraculous beauty. What is it like? We Turks have a lot in common with Catalans. Catalans are extremely cheerful, open-hearted, voluble people who are full of life. They place value on their history, their culture and human relations. What makes a place beautiful above all else is the people who live there. And the Catalans have made aesthetics and enjoyment of life almost into a cultural legacy. The master-architect Gaudi turned Barcelona into a fairy tale city, but it didn’t stop there. What festivals are there in Barcelona this summer? In August each one of Barcelona’s neighborhoods is transformed into a big fairground. Every quarter holds its own festival for a week. The streets are decorated and there are concerts, contests and parties. The most spectacular one of all is at Gracia, August 15 to 21.