Last Step To Freedom: August 30

We Celebrate Another August 30 Victory Day With Pride And Jubilation.

The arduous struggle for independence that commenced when Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk arrived in Samsun on May 19, 1919, was ultimately crowned with victory in the Great Offensive mounted the morning of August 26, 1922, and the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief (aka Battle of Dumlupınar) on August 30. The march to victory that would begin when Ataturk told his forces on August 31, 1922, “Armies, your first goal is the Mediterranean. Forward!” culminated in the proclamation of the Republic on October 29, 1923, and the creation of a “completely independent Turkey”. And that’s why there is no shortage of enthusiasm on Victory Day, August 30. THE AUGUST 30 VICTORY FROM NUTUK “Conceived, prepared, managed and crowned with victory in its every phase, this war is a great achievement that confirms once again in history the superior strength and heroism of the Turkish army, and of the Turkish officers and commanders. It is an enduring monument to the notion of the freedom and independence of the Turkish nation. I am forever happy to be the child, and an Army Commander, of a people who accomplished such a feat.”