Biennale Des Antiquaires In Paris

One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities, Paris Is Hosting The 26th Biennale Antiques At The Grand Palais, September 14 To 23.

Thousands of choice art works are offered to art lovers and collectors at the Biennale, held in Europe’s fairy-tale city of Paris with the participation of France’s leading antique dealers. This year’s Biennale is welcoming around 150 participants. In addition to the Main Dome of the Grand Palais, the Salon d’Honneur, which is slated to reopen its doors following several years of restoration, will also be used for the events. FULL OF SURPRISES Organized by the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA), the 26th Biennale Antiques has proved its quality and professionalism to visitors in the features that have brought the event fame over the years. And the 26th Biennale intends to surprise its visitors once again. CURATORS’ CHOICE The event, attendance at which the art community has regarded as de rigueur for over half a century, has been put together by a wide variety of world-renowned professionals in a broad selection of works. These professionals, all of them members of the SNA, are some of the world’s finest antique dealers and gallery owners. As in previous years, this year as well a number of famous jewels lend prestige to the Biennale. THE KARL LAGERFELD SIGNATURE The acclaimed artist and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has designed a temporary world inside the Grand Palais as the background for the thousands of works of art to be presented at the 26th Biennale Antiques. Unable to suppress his excitement of late, Lagerfeld had this to say about the event: “I love antique dealers and everything the Biennale stands for, and the Grand Palais is my favorite venue in Paris. I have fond memories of Chanel’s fashion shows there…”