Young Talent Coming Up With The Wind

Enes Yilmazer Started Wind Surfing In 2003. He Is One Of The Youngest Athletes To Be Among The Top 25 In The Pwa World Tour, One Of The World’s Most Prestigious Surfing Events.

Which has a bigger place on your schedule, Turkish championships or international competitions? I try to enter all the competitions I can, including both the PWA tour and the Turkish championships. Are there places where you especially like to surf? In my opinion Alaçatı is one of the best places you can surf. Apart from that, there is hardly a coast in France where you can’t surf. Naturally, I really like Hawaii and the Caribbean too. How much interest is there in wind surfing in Turkey? I can say that it is increasing by the year. One of the main reasons for that is that Alaçatı is so suitable for the sport. I think the fact that Çağla Kubat is so frequently in the media and that Turkish Airlines sponsored Lena Erdil and then me has had major impact on wind surfing taking off in Turkey. Do you get adequate support from your sponsors? Unfortunately, there are few sponsors that provide long-term support. But Turkish Airlines’ sponsorship is for three years. Since I travel with a lot of luggage, transportation of my equipment and transport to and from the airport are some of the most difficult things for me. Turkish Airlines is very supportive in that area. What’s more, they have been sponsors for a long time, which shows how seriously they take this business. Your successes must also have a hand in the length of your sponsorships… Of course they do, but moral support is also important. I’m an Arkas Sports Club athlete. More than a sponsorship arrangement, we have a club-athlete relationship. When we started out they said, “We’re a family and we’ll always be at your side on this road.” Their long-range view is gratifying. But it’s also important to give something in return for support received. Not just being successful but showing appreciation as well. I think that’s why all the sponsorships I’ve received up to now are continuing. Name: Enes Yılmazer Date of birth: January 3, 1990 Place of birth: Trabzon Education: Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas Major: Business and Marketing International Successes: 2006 IFCA World Youth Championship: 3rd place 2007 IFCA World Youth Championship: 2nd place 2008-2009 IFCA World Youth Champion 2010 PWA Men’s World Tour: 21st place 2011 PWA Men’s World Tour: 23rd place 2011 PWA World Tour Under 22 Youth Champion