Dali With Gusto

Arcimbolo’s portraits fashioned of fruits and vegetables are one of the best known examples of the use of food in art. But there is another artist who was very fond of food, and he is none other than Salvador Dali.

With a personality as quirky as his paintings, Salvador Dalí  dreamed of being a chef from boyhood. While he may not have fulfilled his dream as such, at the age of 68 he did so in part by creating his Les Dîners de Gala portfolio of 12 surrealist gastro-aesthetic scenes inspired by the menus and recipes of legendary restaurants and their chefs. Now this series of 12 color lithographs is one of the three parts of the Salvador Dalí  exhibition at Istanbul Mimar Sinan University’s Tophane-i Amire gallery through February 26. In the series Dalí  portrays the artist as a man dying of hunger, who, because he has no money to eat, burns instead with passion, voraciously digesting art as if it were food.

A surrealist on the cover of time

Salvador Dalí  was on the cover of Time magazine for December 14, 1936. The photograph was taken by Man Ray. At least as well known as Dalí  himself, Man Ray was a pioneer of the Dada movement and of Surrealism in photography.