The Sixth Race

Making a successful debut with her first novel, about a peacock by the name of Camio who does not talk, Berrak Yurdakul takes readers back to ancient greek myth in her second novel, the sixth race.

The story opens in 446 B.C. on the island of Delos in the Aegean Sea. Creating all the characteristics that go with being human, like strength and weakness and everything in between, the writer employs mythological elements to depict the human need to feel a power greater than one’s self. 

The book’s main protagonist is Ananke, symbol of obligation and necessity. Other protagonists and the setting for the story include Telios, a white crow who never leaves Ananke’s shoulder, Hermes, Adrastia, Galanos the fisherman, and the streets of Athens in the period. Berrak Yurdakul in In The Sixth Race demonstrates a remarkable command of myth and the mythological style. Offering the reader a different kind of story with an original plot, The Sixth Race is an enjoyable read that combines mythology, history and the essential human values over a 2,500-year time span.