İranabak: Looking at Iran

Don’t miss the İranabak exhibition for a taste of recent Iranian history in photographs.

Istanbul is hosting an exhibition of photographs reflecting social life during Iran’s recent changes January 21 to February 25. Among the images, all shot by photographer Özgür Ağaoğlu, are many events from religious rituals and human relations to the 2009 presidential election. Ağaoğlu covered tens of thousands of kilometers from Tehran and Shiraz to Shirvan and Tabriz over a period of four years to get a grasp of Iran’s geography and culture.

A selection of the photographs has been published by Masa Yayınları in a book titled Iranabak (Look at Iran).

The Iranabak exhibition is open daily except Mondays at DEPO, Tophane from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.