Fun With the Curios at Turkish Airlines’ İstanbul Lounge

Even the children have not been forgotten at Turkish Airlines’ cip lounge for business class passengers and Miles & Smiles Elite and Elite Plus card holders.

Based on a concept developed by the well-known graphic novelist Ergün Gündüz, CurioCity has now been installed in the children’s play area at Istanbul Lounge. All the rest and recreational needs of children and families with infants were kept in mind in the design of the 60-square-meter play area, which also includes an infant care room with beds. Children make the acquaintance of the Curios prior to boarding in the play areas at Istanbul Ataturk Airport’s Istanbul Lounge, gates 218, 219 and 220, where a good time is had by all, both the kids and their families.

For children of all ages...

Playstatıon Corner
Your child won’t know where the time went thanks to the latest games at PlayStation Corner in the Istanbul Lounge.

Ipad desk
İstanbul Lounge’un kesintisiz ve hızlı internet erişimi ile çocuğunuz iPad’i ile istediği gibi eğlenebilir.
Your child can play with his iPad to his heart’s content thanks to Istanbul Lounge’s rapid, uninterrupted internet access.

Painting and activity area
If your child isn’t old enough to play with digital toys, he can make new friends and develop his manual skills in the painting and activity area.

Play at the gates
Besides the CurioCity stand at Istanbul Lounge, spotlessly clean CurioCity play areas at gates 218, 219 and 220 will keep your child happily occupied right up to boarding time.