Carnival Time on the Canals

With its historic texture and legendary canals, venice is already an intriguing city. And when venice carnival in february is added to the picture, the city is virtually transformed into a dream world.

Venice Carnival is known to be one of the oldest events of its kind in history with records dating back to the 13th century. A lively scene of people and events that animates the streets of Venice for two weeks in February, the festival this year runs from February 11 to 21. 

According to legend, the reason the revelers don masks and costumes is to eliminate all marks of class difference. In festivals of old, revelers wearing masks were not permitted to bear weapons, and this rule is still enforced today. Held in an atmosphere of utter peace and equality, Venice Carnival also features a competition in which the best masks and costumes are selected by a jury of international fashion designers.

Volto or Larva

All the masks worn at the festival have special names, the most popular among them being the ones called Volto or Larva. The Volto, meaning face, is the easiest mask to produce since it portrays the human face in its simplest lines.