Australia In Five Questions

The world’s smallest continent, australia is at its best in summer. Here are five questions for getting to know this beautiful island country better.

Famous for its aborigines and kangaroos and its beautiful beaches, Australia’s capital actually lies far from the sea. What is the name of this city which is at the same time the seat of the Australian Parliament?

It is known as one of the seven wonders of modern architecture with its cream-colored sail-like shells. Construction of this building, which offers free lunchtime concerts, took 14 years. What is this Australian icon?

This bustling city started out as a prison and developed into one of the world’s most beautiful metropolises, adorning the Pacific’s white-capped shores with architectural masterpieces. In what year did Sydney, the country’s largest city, host the Olympics?

The world’s smallest penguins emerge from the waves at night and head in an orderly line for their nests on the beach. What is the name of the island in Westernport Bay that is known as one of Australia’s most important penguin habitats?

The Great Coral Reef has been included on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List as one of Australia’s most valuable natural areas. What is the name of the bordering Australian state that is home to the country’s rain forests?

How to go

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Sydney-Istanbul flights daily. Departure times are 11:40 p.m. from Istanbul and 4:30 p.m. from Sydney. For information:
1 Kanberra 2 Sidney Opera Binası 3 2000 4 Philip Adası 5 Queensland
1 Canberra 2 Sydney Opera House 3 2000 4 Philip Island 5 Queensland