Dancing With Dinosaurs

The mid-year break is upon us. While the schools are out, now is the time for a journey back to 60 million years ago.

Turkey’s first dinosaur museum and entertainment center opened recently in Istanbul Bayrampaşa.
Consisting of four sections, Jurassic Land promises adults as well as children an experience both educational and fun. Visitors have a chance to experience the Jurassic Land adventure one on one at Turkey’s biggest 6D (four-dimensions, six environmental effects) cinema. And the laboratories in the Science Center are such as to vie with big-budget Hollywood productions. Meanwhile the lifesize dinosaur models at Show Garden crank the excitement up to the highest level.

A Team Of Experts

Jurassic Land was set up in consultation with the U.S. company that designed Jurassic Park in Los Angeles.

For Lasting Knowledge

One of Turkey’s most successful edutainment projects, Jurassic Land works with a highly trained team of experts. The purpose of edutainment, which combines education with entertainment, is to ensure that the knowledge gained is permanent.