Five Golden Rules Of Frugal Travel

Traveling does not have to mean spending a lot of money. Did you know that there is a growing trend toward frugal travel in the world today? Here are some clues on how to do it.

1. Websites like hostelbookers and hostelworld will help you out. In fact, you can even have a look at couchsurfing websites whose members are willing put up guests free of charge.

2. Frugal travel experts recommend that you be open to communication on your trip, because you might just discover a great place you weren’t expecting to find in answer to a question like, “Do you happen to know a good, cheap restaurant around here?” What can I say?

3. Don’t give up on public transport unless you have no other choice. For this you need to learn to travel as light as possible.

4. Street food, for example, or so-called greasy spoons can offer unexpectedly tasty fare.

5. You can gain serious advantages by following economic developments in the world. It might make sense, for example, to travel to countries where the dollar is strong against the local currency. Ditto for occasionally booking through a travel agent.

The Frugal Traveler

Millions of people keen on exploring the world on the cheap are becoming frugal travelers today. There are literally thousands of websites where they meet and post on the internet. What’s more, columnists in the world’s leading newspapers are also taking a big interest in the concept.