Old Hands and New Talents

Theater Kedi’s Blackout stage is hosting Cervantes’ immortal Don Quixote in january.

Founded by İpek Kadılar Altıner and Hakan Altıner, Tiyatro Kedi (Cat Theater) is staging Don Quixote on January 6, 14 and 15. Adapted for the theater by İpek Kadılar Altıner and directed by Hakan Altıner, the play features Haldun Dormen in the lead role. Accompanying him is Tiyatro Kedi’s young team, including Zeynep Aşkar, Eda Gülten, Onur Atilla, Sertaç Ekici, Hüseyin Gülhuy and Doğan Akdoğan, in this play chronicling the adventures of Don Quixote.

One feature that distinguishes this Don Quixote from others is that Cervantes, the author of the novel, is on stage as narrator. Played by Abdül Süsler, Cervantes from time to time intervenes in the action and clashes with the characters. Füsun Önal plays Cervantes’ women and Cenk Tunalı his inseparable sidekick, Sancho Panza. Don Quixote is a play not to be missed by those keen to watch experienced old hands and fresh young talents sharing the stage.