Yüksel Aksu’s Muğla

After ‘Ice Cream, i Scream’ , director Yüksel Aksu is continuing his aegean stories with ‘Entelköy Efeköy’e karşi’. We asked him about Muğla, the main setting for the film.

A new film, this time about a group of environmental intellectuals who return to nature, and again Muğla. Why?

First of all because I’m from the Aegean. It’s a region whose social codes and way of life I’m familiar with. I know its people well, their habits, the way they behave. I find everyday life in the Aegean worth homing in on. There’s a city, a neighborhood, a social habitat shaped by everyone who lives here. This influences both your conscious mind and your sub-conscious and, most of all, the work that you do. The way I see it, you have to know something to be able to explain it.

What are the little known facts about Muğla?

Muğla is generally branded as a tourist town. Yet it has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The impact of the ancient civilizations in the area extends even to our day.  This aspect is not so well known.

How is the area represented in the film?

By moving around the area, seeing the people who act in the film, breathing the air... You can tell that the town portrayed in the film is authentic.

What are the five things that best sum up Muğla?

Sea and forest, the people’s funny accent and the shaggy dog stories they love to tell, the local mythology, and marsh samphire and fried peppers with yoghurt.