Two Summer Treats At The Perili Köşk

Borusan Contemporary Is Hostıng Two Exhıbıtıons Through September

4to2floors by Gerhard Rockenschaub, considered one of the most important living artists, and Segment #2, a selection culled from Borusan’s own collection.

One of the most magnificent buildings on the coastal strip of Istanbul’s European side, the Perili Köşk, aka Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mansion, continues to bring visitors the works of leading contemporary artists. The Austrian-born Gerwald Rockenschaub is known particularly for his minimalist style. Rockenschaub, who studied history, psychology and philosophy at the University of Vienna, later did a post-graduate degree in art. His 4to2floor show at the Perili Köşk features examples of his latest work. The Segment #2 exhibition consists of pieces from the Borusan collection, including works by Robert Mapplethorpe, Shirley Shor and Chul Hyun.

You can see '4to2floors' till September 2, and Segment #2 till November 2, weekends except for the first day of Ramadan and the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice.