Extraordinary Objects

Extraordinary Objects Exhibition Ii Opened At Caddebostan Culture Center On May 29 And Is Awaiting Visitors Through July 24.

The items on display at Caddebostan Culture Center are actually objects that have not been used in years but that no one had the heart to throw away. What’s more, some of them are products of mass production that came off an assembly line. We need to stop and think about what makes an object extraordinary. The answer is quite simple: life experiences. Like a book, each object tells us something about lives others have led, experiences they have had.

In 1926 Şefika Hanım sent her fiancé, Muhlis Gülgör, a pair of tumblers. “I’m sending you a pair of tumblers,” she wrote. “Blue is the color of fidelity. One of the tumblers is opaque and doesn’t show what’s inside. I am going to keep our family secrets and the troubles we suffer during our marriage inside me like this tumbler. The other tumbler is like crystal, it shows what’s in it. Into this tumbler I am going to put our joys and good times and happiness so we can share them with everyone.”

This is the story of just two objects. To find out the other stories, visit the exhibition.

In their 3rd year, the Jazz in Ramadan events are opening this year as every year with an Ahmad Jamal concert. On the close to week-long program are names like İbrahim Maalouf, Hindi Zahra and Anoushka Shankar. Concert venues are Topkapı Palace, Yıldız Palace and Bilgi University Central Campus.