In The Pink

Pink Martini Is Back In Turkey, Meeting Fans At Çeşme Open Air Theater On July 8, The M.E.T.U. Alumni Association’s Vişnelik Facilities In Ankara On July 9, And Istanbul’s Kuruçeşme Arena On July 19.

Coming to Turkey with Storm Large in place of China Forbes, their ailing vocalist, Pink Martini is bringing Turkish spectators a surprise song from Turkey’s ‘Yeşilçam’ film industry. The group’s founder, Thomas Lauderdale, says Storm has added a bit of a punk air to the band, adding that they have more energy on stage.

Pointing out that the band have great memories of their first trip to Turkey ten years ago, Lauderdale says they made some close friends here whom they are very happy to be seeing again. Lauderdale has also become a fan of Turkish music. Fond of Zeki Müren’s songs, he has recently discovered Belkıs Özener. In fact, he’s got Storm working with a linguistics professor on the song Aşkın Bahardır for the live performance.

Hearing Pink Martini perform Turkish songs on this visit is going to be a rare treat indeed.

Pink Martini is a big band that creates a nostalgic atmosphere on stage with their songs. They are visiting Turkey as part of a European tour to promote their compilation album, A Retrospective, which brings together songs from their earlier albums (and some previously unreleased) in a look back at the history of popular music.