5 Exciting Music Festivals

Held in the open air with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people, music festivals are a reason to travel.

1 - The Isle Of Wight (21-24 june)
Held on the Isle of Wight off the coast of Southampton in the south of England, this festival has hosted countless names from Bob Dylan to The Doors since 1968. Welcoming 600,000 people last year, the festival this year boasts names like Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam on its program.

2 - Summer Fest (27 June -8 july)
More than 700 bands are coming to this festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the coast of Lake Michigan. The fest’s big guns this year include bands like Aerosmith, Scorpions and Cake.

3 - Rockwerchter     (28 June - 1 July)

At Werchter 30 kilometers from Brussels, this festival stands out for the sheer number and variety of its bands. Perfect for those keen to have fun on a tight budget.

4 - Fuji Rock (27-29 July)
Held at a ski resort in the foothills of Japan’s Mt. Fuji, this festival is known for its spirited atmosphere. All concerts are completely sold out at this festival, which is a great favorite with the famous bands.

5 - Sziget (6-13 August)
Sziget, on Budapest’s Óbudai Island, is one of places that best reflects the festival spirit. Joined by world-famous bands as well as local musicians, it’s ideal for discovering names new in the business.