The Museum Without Walls

The Google Art Project Is Addıng More Museum Collectıons To Its Archıve By The Day. Recently The Suna And İnan Kıraç Foundatıon Pera Museum And The Sabancı Unıversıty Sakıp Sabancı Museum Were Among Those Joınıng The Project.

When André Malraux put forward the idea of a Museum Without Walls as French Culture Minister, he was probably unaware that he was talking about a concept that would lay the groundwork for the Google Art Project.  Today, reproduction and the museum in art history and the collective memory is a topic of lively debate among prominent philosophers, sociologists and art historians. Malraux did not realize that reproduction, beyond eliminating the uniqueness of a work of art, would one day be able to substantiate, even constitute, its authenticity. Now Google Art is offering a one-of-a-kind platform where you can organize your own collections, create a record of your own personal experiences and compare works.

Turkey’s Pera Museum and Sabancı Museum recently went beyond their walls to become part of this great project, which includes visuals of upwards of 30 thousand works, thereby opening their collections to millions of internet users.

The Biggest Collection
Across a wide spectrum from New York’s MoMA to the Van Gogh Museum, the collections of over 100 museums from more than 40 countries are accessible now in the Google Art Project.